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Sophia, 17, California.
Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces, Sagittarius rising.

"Angelina Jolie’s face in Hackers": an appreciation post

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Gary Numan photographed in London by Chalkie Davies, 1979

Gary Numan photographed in London by Chalkie Davies, 1979

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Nirvana - Sappy (2013 Mix)

And if you fool yourself
You will make him happy
He’ll keep you in a jar
Then you’ll think you’re happy

He’ll give you breathing holes
Then you will seem happy
You’ll wallow in his shit
Then you’ll think you’re happy now

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So, if people at Dashcon can raise 17k in 30 minutes to save their con…


can a couple people donate a couple dollars to me and my family? We’re losing our home and quite possibly all of our possessions because we’ll have nowhere to put them. That’s all I’m asking…

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I close my eyes and seize it 
I clench my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship

I love the Charles manson bit

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Ramones “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (1975 Demo) written by Tommy Ramone.

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a room thats all bed so i can continually just roll over into a cool part 

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I like all the different people

I like sticky everywhere

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